Moroccan Mediterranean Mezze 
Bar & Restaurant 

  Lunch Menu    

  Lunch Menu    

LUNCH MENU – 11am-5pm 
LUNCH DEAL - 2 COURSES £11.95 (1 SMALL & 1 MAIN) - 1 COURSE £8.95 

MEIMO'S BURGERS (served with fries, coleslaw and tomatoes) 

Hand pressed beef or butterfly chicken fillet 
Veggie - Flat mushroom, grilled tomato and buffalo  
(Extra Topping: slice cheese, flat mushroom, avocado, buffalo @ £1.50 
per item) 


Salad leaves with goats cheese, walnut and house dressing. 
Strips of char-grilled chicken breast, boiled egg, with mixed salad leaves and house dressing. 
Served with straw fries, coleslaw and tomato compote. 
Humus , Calamari, Chicken wing and meat balls with pitta bread. 
Please ask your server. 
Slow cooked tomato sauce with harissa (chilli). 


A basket of hot flat bread 
The famous chickpea dip. 
Baked flat bread topped with chopped tomatoes,  
a hint of garlic and fresh coriander. 
Marinated wings, char-grilled served tomato sweet chilli jam. 
Dusted Squid with seasoned flour served with tomato sweet chilli jam. 


Minced lamb with parsley and chopped onion on skewers served with saffron rice, coleslaw and tomato puree. 
Marinated Chicken with peppers, tomato and onion on skewers 
served with saffron rice, coleslaw and tomato compote. 
A rich lentil stew, with diced carrot and sweet potato served 
with couscous or saffron rice. 
Home-made lamb meatballs in rich tomato sauce with poached egg (optional) served with couscous or saffron rice.  
Slow-cooked chicken with prunes and apricot served 
with couscous or saffron rice. 

SANDWICHES (Served on flat bread with fries & coleslaw) 

Breast of chicken, hummus and green salad 
Mozzarella, tomato and avocado 
Scottish smoked salmon and avocado 
Hummus with mediterranean vegetables and goats’ cheese 


Double Espresso - £2.55 
Lemonade - £2.25 
Cappuccino - £2.55  
Juices - £2.25 
Caffe Latte - £2.55 
Coca-Cola - £2.55 
Americano - £1.95 
Diet Coca-Cola - £2.55 
Mocha - £2.55  
Appletiser - £2.95 
Hot Chocolate - £2.55 
Slimline Tonic - £2.25 
Fresh Mint Tea - £2.75 
Bitter Lemon - £2.25 
Tea - £1.95 
(please ask for the selection 
J20 - £2.95 
Still Water - £2.55 
Sparkling Water - £2.55 
Meimo welcomes children of all ages! If a children’s menu is required for your party, please do not hesitate to ask your server. All dishes are prepared in a kitchen where nuts and flours are in constant use. This means we cannot guarantee that any dishes will be free from traces. Olives may contain stones and the fish might have bones in.